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Watch! Oak Class Film Festival 2017

In the last two weeks of term, the recording light was on and it was film time again for Oak class! The students were given an open directive to write, direct and complete their own short films, with teachers and mentors providing assistance and advice along the way. They had no pressure to complete the project, they were instead given a deadline when the filming would stop. Working in groups they were self motivated by the desire to see the finished product, needless to say, we are very proud of them for the effort they put in!

Each film you will watch below was written and directed by the students themselves. Everything from the lines, the costumes and the shots were deliberate personal choices and of course the students own work.

The Queen and King of the Forest

Staring Lila, Arthur & Ignacio
Two royals discover that their domains are linked by a forest, and an inevitable friendship soon develops. A beautiful story about life and friendship.

Written & Directed by Lila


Google Master

Staring Juana, Ignacio, Sara & Josh
An unsuspecting student types "google" into google, little do they know that they will awaken the Google Master who will come to seek revenge.

Written, Directed & Produced by : Juana & Ignacio


The Knights In Shinning Armour

A high paced fantasy action film set in the far away kingdom of King Stephen & Queen Charlotte, where the evil Big Bad Goblin is plotting to kidnap the Princess Donut. What does the Big Bad Goblins plan want with the princess, and will our heroes Shining Knight and Silver Knight be able to get her back? Written, Directed & Produced by Dylan, Victor & Sara

Written, Directed & Produced by : Dylan, Victor & Sara


Ninja Go!

A stop motion masterpiece by Shlok and Pau. They spent two weeks painstakingly hand animating each scene, but unfortunately ran out of time to add all the sounds and voices that they had planned (They had it all written down ready to go). Each second of film is around 16 still frames.


Spring Holiday Camp'17

April 10 to April 14th, 2017, 10am to 5pm

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Watch! Live cam chicks hatch

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Watch! smART by Oak class

Please see the smART project created by Oakclass.

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