Christmas Show 2013/14

Forest International School children are performing the Peter Pan-themed Christmas Show 

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On Wednesday this week we celebrated Thanksgiving at FIS. All the children were told the origins of this celebration, and each told what he/she was thankful for.

Cheryl, along with Toby, Andrea and Soty organised the food for the day - it was a great success and we all loved the delivious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and the yummy sweet potatoes !! 

Thank you so much for making this day such a fun one :)


Thanksgiving 2013

After School activity starting Friday 8th


Please don't forget to sign up your children to our theatre class from next Friday (November 8th). They will run every Friday from 3:30pm to 5pm. The classes are available for the children from the Maple (Preschool) class.

Depending on how many bus children are interested in taking part, the buses will be leaving at 4pm and straight after this, at 5pm.


Halloween 2013

 There was a real Halloween spirit at Forest International School today!

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October Newsletters

We have started our first term with the children recognising the one country they all have in common. France was highlighted through songs, food, architecture and composers. The visit of France Miniature gave them a glimpse of the diversity the country has to offer, through historical facts and monuments. The last day of this celebratory period was epitomised with the children fixing their self-drawn portrait on the totem pole. 

Theatre as an after school activity is starting nov 8 from 3.30 to 5pm theater every Friday from preschool plus. The work done there will continue to focus on the production and use it for the christmas show

The next even will be Halloween. All children are encouraged (but not forced) to come dressed up - nothing too scary though. All children are invited to attend the day, even those who do not usually attend on a Thursday. It will be a whole day event.

Christine our French teacher, through her little show made a perfect demonstration of your children's motivation to speak French. If in addition your children sometimes watch little French cartoons at home, at the end of the school year we are sure you will be surprised at how good they will understand and speak when they play with French children.


On the last day of this term, each class presented a small show. Thank you for attending and making the day special to everyone!


Our pedagogic day organised by Ruta on September 27th, offered us some new vision on teaching methods and strategy. Our team will continuously undergo training to better equip themselves with various pedagogical skills to engage pupils in their learning.


Our PA association is fully engaged in this school year with many different activities. Thank you to the new president Moira Segrera and her lovely team for all your hard work! Teacher's day was a beautiful surprise and the FIS team would like to thank you all for the wonderful and beautiful cakes, gifts and flowers :)

Cheryl Farmer has suggested we come up with a competition for a FIS slogan. If anyone has an idea of a slogan/motto which would best reflect who we are as a school, do let a member of the PA know.


Please have a read through each of our classes’ newsletters (click on the pictures below), to find out about what the children have been up to this past half-term :)


Mariane and Julie


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