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Middle School Opening This Fall

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Middle School at Forest International School Paris


In the middle school (11 - 15 years old), the children have several teachers responsible for teaching various academic subjects.

Here we focus further on the social and learning development of each child. Students attend our curriculum activities for full days.


Middle School Programme

Our middle school programme follows three curricula:

  1. the English National Curriculum for maths and literacy (Key Stage 3), 
  2. the French national curriculum for the bilingual syllabus
  3. the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) for all other core subjects. 


We ensure children are prepared for the Cambridge English qualifications and exams.




The  National Curriculum is used in schools across England as well as in many international schools around the world. Its aim is for all children to gain a good grounding in reading, writing, speaking, listening and numeracy. It also places great emphasis on children’s personal development. 




In Middle School the students are taught the following in literacy:



  1. develop an appreciation and love of reading, and read increasingly challenging material independently
  2. understand increasingly challenging texts
  3. read critically



    1. write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length for pleasure and information
    2. plan, draft, edit and proof-read their work



  1. speak confidently and effectively

For additional information and details, view the PDF document English programmes of study: key stage 3 from the UK Department for Education.




In Middle School students are taught the following in mathematics :


  1. Algebra
  2. Ratio, proportions and rates of change
  3. Geometry and Measures
  4. Probability
  5. Statistics

For additional information and details, view the PDF document Mathematics programmes of study: key stage 3 from the UK Department for Education.




The IMYC is our International Middle Years Curriculum for children aged 11 - 14 years old. It is used by over 1000 teachers in 103 schools across 50 countries worldwide including Sweden, Sudan, Latvia, Malta, Laos, Indonesia, and Turkey.

It is a challenging, internationally minded and concept-focused curriculum, which helps develop engaged and active learners. With specific subject and personal learning goals, it provides a clear structure to develop knowledge, skills and understanding whilst making subject learning more connected.


We have chosen the IMYC for the following reasons :

  1. It responds to the specific development needs of 11-14 year olds, providing structures and systems that support the needs of the adolescent brain
  2. It draws on current media platforms, involving active skills-based learning, and promoting self-reflection and the opportunity for students to make sense of their learning
  3. This relevant and engaging curriculum centres around a challenging Big Idea for life and a blend of individual and shared learning experiences
  4. The IMYC allows for single subject teaching and learning whilst facilitating collaboration around a Big Idea, linking all subject learning to a conceptual theme
  5. Offering a student-led learning structure, the IMYC helps 11-14 year olds develop a sense of their place in the world and that of others
  6. The IMYC prepares students for the next stage of their learning and for future work opportunities

For more information and details please visit: https://fieldworkeducation.com/curriculums/middle-years



Assessment & Evaluation

The children are formally assessed at the end of each half term. Assessment is done through the IMYC Assessment for Learning (AfL) Programme, which tracks students’ skills learning through beginning, developing and mastering for every age group.


In order to guarantee the pupil’s readiness and command of the English language, we prepare them for the Cambridge English qualifications and exams.


For more details: http://www.cambridgeenglish.org



Languages in the Middle School

The syllabus is taught in both English and French, following the learning objectives of the English National Curriculum as well as the "Éducation Nationale” for the French syllabus.


Pupils whose native language is not English are given the support needed so they can fully participate in the school programme.



2017 - 2018


Feb, 26 -Mar 9: Winter Break

Apr 2: Easter Monday

Apr, 30 -  May, 11: Spring Holiday

May, 21: Pentecost

June, 30: Last school day 


Academic calendar 2017-18


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