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Learning support

At FIS we believe that all children can achieve their unique potential with help of the right teaching method. The aim of our Educational Services is to support all staff members in this personalised approach, and offer additional learning support to the students who require extra attention or help.

Special Education Needs

At FIS' Educational Services we work with children experiencing learning and behavioural difficulties. Over the past years we have been helping children with a variety of concerns:

Under -achieving in school

Disruptive behaviour at home and school

Lack of confidence

Poor handwriting, spelling and/or numeracy

Lack of concentration

Social or behavioural difficulties

We liaise with a range of specialists to provide the most comprehensive service to children with diverse educational needs. 

The help offered by FIS Educational Services is on an optional basis and only with the full agreement of the parents or guardians of the child.

Diagnostic evaluation

Evaluations provide specific information about the child's learning strengths and weaknesses. A range of testing is available including AD/HD screening, dyslexia, dyspraxia, IQ levels, academic abilities and learning difficulties. Our collection of standardised tests will measure:

  1. Learning patterns, concentration, and attention
  2. Ability to process information
  3. Present academic achievement as well as intellectual potential
  4. Perceptual and Motor development
  5. Hearing and vision tests are required as a part of comprehensive evaluation. These are usually arranged by parents.


Life can be quite difficult for children who find that they are battling against frustrations of emotional and behavioural problems or who seem to continuously underachieve in school no matter how hard they try. 

Counselling is available for children who need help in understanding their behavioural and social patterns as well as the learning difficulties they are trying to tackle. Success is achieved through problem solving and behaviour management techniques and regular consultations with parents. We provide counselling to children experiencing difficulties as well their family members. We understand that the expatriation experience may be a challenging one and that the whole family may need support in going through the time of changes. It is often helpful to speak to someone who can understand but also remain impartial to what is happening.

Educational Programmes

  1. Individual Educational Plans (IEP) for children with special Educational Needs
  2. Individual Remediation Programmes are designed and delivered for children with specific Learning Difficulties.
  3. Speech and Language support
  4. Primary Reflex Integration Programme

Perceptual Motor Programme

Learning difficulties often have a neurological basis. The conduction of messages to, from, and within the brain of a child experiencing difficulties with learning, is usually found to be inefficient. As part of this, the child may have primitive reflexes not integrated early in life that prevent freedom of movement and hinder normal development. Therefore his/her body often does not work efficiently. As a result, many of those who struggle academically were not really ready for school when they started. It is possible however to help these children.

Our Movement Programme has been specifically developed to address these challenges. Fun, daily movement sequences have been designed to fill in the neurological gaps by triggering the nervous system to work more efficiently. Although the programme is based on physical exercises it helps to create neurological pathways that will markedly influence child's learning abilities. It is based on the principles of Brain Gym, Move to Learn and Rhythmic Movement Programme.

Seminars/ Trainings

Training seminars aimed at parents, teachers and Special Educational Needs professionals are organised. Speakers include both researchers and practitioners from all over the world in areas such as behaviour and learning support regarding AD/HD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Conduct Disorder as well as Sensory Integration difficulties.



2017 - 2018


Feb, 26 -Mar 9: Winter Break

Apr 2: Easter Monday

Apr, 30 -  May, 11: Spring Holiday

May, 21: Pentecost

June, 30: Last school day 


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