Why choose Forest

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most exciting and challenging decisions you will make in these early years. Within this beautiful setting it is our intention to create a learning environment which motivates and stimulates both the children in our care and the adults who work here. All activities are designed to encourage children to gain confidence in themselves, their ideas and their abilities. Fundamental to the Forest School philosophy is a positive self-image for all children.

There are many reasons why we feel you should choose FIS for your child.


  1. A high standard of teaching
  2. Combination of International Primary Curriculum and English National Curriculum
  3. Small class sizes with individual attention to give everybody a chance to learn
  4. Use of different teaching strategies to account for children’s different ability and maturity levels as well as their individual preferences
  5. Highly qualified Special Educational Needs support
  6. Active and hands on learning that children find challenging and enjoyable
  7. French and ESL language programmes
  8. Specialist teachers for swimming and sports


  1. Our staff and pupils come from around the world
  2. Children have the possibility to master English language as well as develop their mother tongue
  3. We celebrate cultural diversity in daily life as well as through numerous special events

The Environment

  1. Beautiful buildings and surroundings
  2. The Forest, which plays a very important part in the children's learning
  3. Pre-school and Primary classes have Smart Boards and computers
  4. Our library offers the children a good selection of books
  5. Covered and heated swimming pool that is open during the autumn and summer terms
  6. Large gardens with separate play areas
  7. Sports pitch

Family Atmosphere

  1. We are small enough to care
  2. Our students, teachers, and staff are friendly and welcoming
  3. You will quickly become a part of our warm community even if you join during the year
  4. An Open Door policy
  5. The Parents' Association has an important role in helping new families feel at home


2017 - 2018

Sep, 3: Open Day

Sep. 4:1st day of school 

Oct, 30 - Nov, 3: Toussaint Break

Dec, 18 - Jan, 5: Christmas Break

Feb, 28 -Mar 9: Winter Break

Apr 2: Easter Monday

Apr, 30 -  May, 1: Spring Holiday

May, 21: Pentecost

June, 30: Last school day 


Academic calendar 2017-18


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